The Catholic Teachers Prayer Day


Mercy Education office organized a catholic teachers’ prayer day towards the end second term for teachers in Mercy-associated schools. The event took place on 27th July 2023 at the Resurrection Garden and saw the attendance of 37 teachers from Mercy-associated primary and secondary schools.

The objective of this event was to strengthen the Catholics' prayer life under the theme,” Why are we Catholics?” Facilitation was conducted by two charismatic brothers namely; Br. Martin and Br. Ben. The speakers emphasized the need to be prayerful and seek God’s guidance at all times. The sessions were accompanied by sharing real-life experiences as well as scriptures from the Holy Bible.

There were also ice-breakers in between the sessions to break the monotony and enhance participation. The teachers also enjoyed the tasty meals that were served during breaks. The climax of this day was the celebration of the Holy Mass at Cardinal Otunga Chapel where the teachers actively animated the mass with beautiful songs and bible readings.